Preview: Discover Showcase at Fountain Square Brewing Co.


On Thursday, March 1st, Spark Joy Music will be putting on another free concert at Fountain Square brewing Co. as part of the Discover Showcase. The goal of the concert series is to introduce local Indianapolis residents to new and upcoming bands in the area.

For March’s Discover Showcase, Fountain Square Brewing Co. will be welcoming Captain Ivory, Chris Burch, and Dime Store Hustlers.

Captain Ivory

Captain Ivory is a rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. The band’s website bio offers a succinct description of the essence of Captain Ivory. “Born and raised on hardworking Midwest ideals, the group blends the raw sentiments of Detroit indie-rock with the well-practiced style & groove of southern funk & soul”.

Captain Ivory formed in 2012, and released their debut, self-titled album in 2014. The group’s second full length album, “No Vacancy” came out in 2016, and is the most recent release to date.

Captain Ivory consists of Jason Traver (vocals, guitar), Robbie BologĀ  (lead guitar), Brett Smith (bass), and Seth Maschari (drums). For more information on Captain Ivory, you can visit their website. You can also find Captain Ivory on Facebook and Bandcamp.

Dime Store Hustlers

The Dime Store Hustlers are an Indianapolis rock band on a mission. Their profile states that that mission is, “To bring Hard Rock to the masses once again – in their homes, their cars, and their favorite dives”.

Dime Store Hustlers released their debut and self-titled EP in 2014. One year later, they released another, titled, “More EP”. The band’s latest album, “En Fuego”, came out in 2017.

The Dime Store Hustlers are: Greg Osborne (guitar, vocals), Andrew Funke (bass), Mike Stilts (guitar), and Rob Fife (drums). You can find the Dime Store Hustlers by visiting their website or Facebook page. You can also listen to them on Bandcamp.

Chris Burch

Chris Burch will be opening for Dime Store Hustlers and Captain Ivory at the Discover Showcase at Fountain Square Brewing Co. He is an alternative rock singer and songwriter from Indianapolis who started playing in 2002.

In 2014, Chris Burch released his self-titled debut EP, and is looking to 2018 for the release of his first full length album.

You can find out more about Chris Burch by visiting his website or Facebook page.


The Discover Showcase at Fountain Square Brewing Co. will start off at 7:00 pm with Chris Burch. Dime Store Hustlers are set to play at 7:45, and Captain Ivory at 8:45. Once again, this is a free event, so be sure to order a beer and tip your server well.

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