Nobodys – Smell Of Victory – Vinyl

Nobodys – Smell Of Victory – Vinyl
Nobodys – Smell Of Victory – Vinyl
Smell Of Victory
Artist: Nobodys
UPC: 790692062218
The Nobody’s sophomore record lived up to the standards of the punk scene as it’s filled with angst lyrics, sing-a-longs and a hard hitting rhythm section
Track List:
1. Told You So
2. I Hate It
3. 30 Days
4. Girl Like You
5. So Cool
6. Hey Doofus
7. Your Girl Friend
8. I Can’t Take It
9. I Don’t Like You
10. I Sniff Glue
11. I’m Ugly
12. Tomorrow
13. I Hate to Drive
14. Hubie
15. Vaca in T.J
16. Sara Doesn’t Like Me Any More
17. Fuck You Too
18. Joy Got a Tit Job
19. You Make Me Wanna Drink
20. I Don’t Need Your Love
21. Wet Sheets
22. Party Doll-A-Go-Go
23. [Untitled Track]
24. [Untitled Track]
 Format  VINYL LP
 Genre  PUNK
 UPC  790692062218
 Artist  Nobodys
 Release Date  07/22/1997

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