Raga Tilak Kamod

Bhavani Ram
Bhavani Ram

According to today’s expert Bhavani Ram, “Raga Tilak Kamod has a soothing melody. There is a thin line between this raga, Raga Brindavani Sarang and Raga Desh. If not sung properly, Raga Tilak Kamod may become Raga Desh or Raga Brindavani Sarang and vice versa. That is why all classical singers are warned as students not to sing these 3 ragas together at a concert. For me, Raga Tilak Kamod holds a special place because it brings out the serenity of the song that I am singing. Raga Tilak Kamod is usually sung as a Bhajan of Lord Krishna. It connects us to the Almighty immediately. It makes me feel extremely happy.”

Nuances: Some experts consider Sa as vadi and Pa as samvadi. Others say that Re is vadi. Dha is omitted during aaroha and so this raga belongs to Shadav Sampoorna jati. The right time to perform this raga is the 2nd part of the night. Usually, this raga is considered to belong to the Thaat Khamaj. But, due to the omission of the komal Ni, the structure becomes that of Thaat Bilawal. Thus, it is traditional to consider it to belong to the Thaat Khamaj.

Bollywood and Raga Tilak Kamod:Some Bollywood songs based on this raga are:

Badariya baras gayi us paar… Murti (1945)

Chali re chali re main toh des paraye… Sarang (1960)

Hiya jarat rahat din rain… Godan (1963)

Ho gaye do rooj… Pyar Ka Sagar (1961)

Humne tujhko pyar kiya hai jitna… Dulha-Dulhan (1964)

Mujhe mil gayi hai mohabbat… First Love (1961)

Teri yaad dil se bhulane… Haryali Aur Raasta (1962)

Tumhare bin jee na lage ghar mein… Bhumika (1977)

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