Preview: Two Feet w/ Absofacto at The Hi-Fi


Next Saturday, February 24th, The Hi-Fi in Fountain Square, Indianapolis will be featuring a few visiting bands on their stage. First, from New York, we have Two Feet. Sharing the stage with Two Feet will be Absofacto.

Two Feet

Two Feet is the stage name and alias of singer, songwriter, musician, and producer Bill Dess. In 2016, Two Feet released his debut EP “First Steps” on Majestic Casual Records. The following year saw the release of another EP by Two Feet, titled “Momentum”.

Two Feet hit internet fame when the music video for his song, “Go F*** Yourself” went viral. Two Feet’s musical style can best be described as lo-fi blues mixed with minimal dance. In songs like “You’re so Cold” on “First Steps”, Dess builds a simple beat and progression into an atmospheric groove exploding with originality. The use of synths and an irregular drum pattern keep the song driving. You can listen to “You’re so Cold” and more by visiting the Bandcamp page for Two Feet.

For more information on Two Feet, you can visit his website. You can also find Two Feet on Facebook.


According to the site, “Absofacto is the solo project of songwriter/producer Jonathan Visger”. It also goes on to state that, “he created a stylistically fluid sound that pulled from bedroom pop, art rock, and electronic music”.

Visger has been releasing albums and EPs under the name Absofacto since his debut, “Trilobite Trash” in 2008. Over the course of the last ten years, Absofacto has released a total of eight albums and EPs. The most recent of these, is the 2017 release “Thousand Peaces”.

For more information on Absofacto, you can visit his website. You can also find Absofacto on both Facebook and Soundcloud.


The show starts at 9:00 pm on Saturday, February 24th at The Hi-Fi. Doors open at 8:00 pm, and tickets start at ten dollars.



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