Preview: Michael Barr at the Hoosierdome

Former Volumes Vocalist Michael Barr Comes to the Hoosierdome February 24th

Well, friends and neighbors, we find ourselves in the middle of  yet another indecisive Indiana winter. I won’t bang on about it, but I think we all need a little music. So, with that in mind, why not head down to the Hoosierdome to hear Michael Barr? He is set to perform there on the 24th, so be sure to have your mind made up by then.

A Brief History

As mentioned in the introductory blurb, Michael Barr used to do vocal work for Volumes. While the band isn’t defunct, Barr’s relationship with it appears to be. Now, Volumes is a progressive metalcore band. Which means that they play a genre that is a fusion of fused genres. Volumes formed back in 2009 as a project between two guitarists, Diego Frias and Daniel Braunstein to be specific. Subsequently, Michael Barr joined them as a vocalist and the band gained a voice. Unlike many of their kind, they wasted no time in releasing their first EP, The Concept of Dreaming, and soon gained a following. Since then, Volumes has been quite influential on the development of a new metal offshoot called Djent. But never mind all that.

Barr left Volumes in 2015, citing the old “creative differences” dodge. So far, he hasn’t been idle. Instead, he’s used the last two years to establish himself as a solo artist.

His Sound

In the case of Michael Barr’s separation from Volumes, “Creative Differences” may have been the actual reason he left. Barr’s new sound is about as far from metal as you can get without looping right back around to metal again. Basically, he sings straight up R&B now, heavy on the auto-tune. The music and lyrics are what you’d expect from the genre, but he does it well enough.

So, as always. The venue is the Hoosierdome, door’s at 7:00.

See you there!


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