Preview: The Innocent Boys at the Melody Inn

Bluegrass Punks the Innocent Boys Come to The Melody Inn on February 11th.

There’s room enough in the world of music for all sorts of hybrids. Which is wonderful because music’s about the only place that has room for anything hybrid these days. After all, how else can you account for the existence of such things as Celtic punk or symphonic metal? Speaking of musical hybrids, the Innocent Boys are coming to play the Melody Inn on February 11th.

A Brief History

Relative newcomers to Indy’s music scene, The Innocent Boys probably don’t live up to their name. And that suits use just fine. But that’s entirely irrelevant to what’s under discussion. Anyway, a quick look at their list of influences is enough to tell even the most casual that the Innocent Boys are serious music-heads. While that doesn’t necessarily predict talent or drive, it does predict eclecticism. Which the Innocent Boys have in spades. As well as diamonds and clubs, all four suites really.

The Boys are Monty Krispo, D. R., and Dave “China” Grove, Zack Yde, Jakis Strikis, and Heath “Baby” Schlatter. Locals all, which is good for us, since we could use a diversity boost in terms of the music we offer.

Their Sound

As in the paragraph above, eclecticism is the word of the day when considering the Innocent Boys. Their Facebook page lists their genre as “folky/bluegrass/rockabilly/punk/gypsy mesh!” which is as diverse a mixture as anything. This would place them, more or less, in the folk punk category. Which is like punk except it uses mandolins and banjos. As usual attitude is everything. Especially considering that lead singer Monty Krispo is specifically credited with providing the screams. Expect fast, loud, and abrasive. With a little country twang for good measure.

So, as always. The venue is the Melody Inn, door’s at 7:00.

See you there!


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