Charlie Puth features Boyz II Men on “If You Leave Me Now”


Boyz II Men may not be a name you’ve heard in a while, but you’re going to want to get re-acquainted after you hear their new tune with Charlie Puth.

Charlie Puth released a song today called “If You Leave Me Now,” which features a boy band from another era, Boyz II Men.

The song is a brilliant harmonic masterpiece on its own with no instrumentation to pad. “If You Leave Me Now” features Charlie Puth sharing the melody in parts with Nathan Harris and the rest of the Boyz on harmony. The song requires nothing else, but a snapping of the fingers to keep the beat.

We are loving this nostalgic tune, which takes us right back to the good ol’ days of Boyz II Men’s original a capella, “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.” The early ’90’s hit embodies similar musical and structural qualities with the Boyz II sharing harmony and melody. Again, no instrumentation here aside from finger-snapping to keep the beat.

Both songs take us back to the days of the barbershop quartet…wait…some of us weren’t alive then. Okay, they at least remind us of the genre.

Puth’s lyrics are sweet, simple, and repetitive. Typical of a love gone sour; the girl about to walk out and the guy heartbroken and begging her to stay. The chorus may even give a nod to Chicago’s “If You Leave Me Now.” Did anybody else catch that? Interesting, is it not?


Oh girl, if you leave me now // If you give it up and just walk right out // You will take the biggest part of me //


If you leave me now // You’ll take away the biggest part of me // Ooo oh, no, baby please don’t go

Coincidence? I think not. Heck, the songs both even have the same name.

Whether or not the mimic was intentional, the tunes both do carry a completely different melody from the other.

I guess we’ll wait to see if they officially let us in on the secret.


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