Preview: Esoterik and Espermachine at the Melody Inn

Darkwave artists Esoterik and Espermachine Play Indy’s Melody Inn February 4th.

The Melody Inn has a long, proud history of bringing some of the more unusual styles out there to Indy. Let’s enumerate, shall we? Punk Rock Night, Hillbilly Happy Hour, and finally, Haven Darkwave Club Night. While nobody loves everything, everybody loves something and there’s something for everyone at the Melodoy Inn. And speaking of Haven Darkwave Club Night, three guesses what’s happening on the night of February 4th? Hint, it ain’t the annual boy scout jamboree. This February 4th, the Melody Inn invites darkwave artists Esoterik and Espermachine to thrill and amaze!

A Brief History

While Allison Eckfeldt and Brady Bledsoe, collectively known as Esoterik, are relative newcomers to music, they’ve certainly made up for lost time. The Oklahoma City duo got together in 2013, but wasted no time in getting their debut album out. After playing the clubs for a couple of years, Esoterik released their sophomore album Atonement. While always distinctive, Esoterik’s sound crystalized with the release of the EP Set Fire To Me. Described by fans as “pagan-synth”, the EP indicated a new direction for the band.

Whereas Esoterik is a relative newcomer, Espermachine has been around awhile. Formed in 2006 by James Esper, Espermachine released their first demo a year later. Since then, Espermachine has performed in clubs nation wide, garnering a large fan base all the while.

Their Respective Sounds

Both are, of course, darkwave. Similar to goth rock The genre has its origins in the post-punk sounds of the late seventies, particularly with groups like Joy Division and Siouxsie and the Banshees. Basically, darkwave is what you get when you combine goth rock and synth pop, with a little dream pop for flavor.

Esoterik merges these sensibilities with an almost hip-hop sense of rhythm and structure. Allison Eckfeldt delivers her lyrics with a rapper’s pacing, enunciating sharply and clearly. Brady Bledsoe’s synth work leans heavily on the dream pop aspects of darkwave, with simple, repetitive melodies that are nonetheless light and airy. Together, the vocals and instrumentation give Esoterik a sound that manages to be both energetic and mysterious.

Espermachine on the other hand, draws more on the goth rock aspects of their chosen genre. Their sound is heavily electronic, with basslines the put one in mind of Peter Hook’s work with Joy Division. Likewise, James Esper’s lyrical delivery bears many similarities to Ian Curtis’s monotonous baritone. If you want synth-driven doom and gloom, Espermachine has you covered.

So, as always. The venue is the Melody Inn, door’s at 8:00.

See you there!




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