Bjork moments that turned our heads


Oh, Bjork, you’ve caused to laugh, you’ve caused us to cry, you’ve caused us to say what in the…?

For those of you who are less familiar, Bjork is the incredibly talented yet hilariously eccentric singer from Iceland who came to solo fame in the early ’90’s after her group The Sugarcubes disbanded.

When her powerful vocals first hit our ears, it was like nothing we had ever heard before. Her music style, although marketed as pop, was different, fresh, and out-of-the-box.

The more closely we watched her, the more intrigued we became even though sometimes it was like the kind of intrigue you get by watching a car wreck – -a tragic event and yet somehow it draws you into the point where you just can’t look away.

We loved her videos, but we loved her style even more. She seemed to have a confidence that other artists didn’t have. She wasn’t afraid to express herself or take artistic risks.

Sometimes, though, she expressed herself in ways that we just didn’t understand. We knew she was eccentric, but…really?

Here are Bjork’s most head-turning moments:
1.) Debut

Bjork’s very first English language album “Debut” dropped in the U.S. in 1993. From this LP came the infamous “Human Behavior.” We loved her unique, almost childlike vocals that would burst into rockish screeching on a dime – but still in tune. Which, of course, left us wondering who or what we were listening to. Is she Irish? Is she Scottish? Oh…she’s Icelandic? Cool. The biggest draw to the pop icon was that we couldn’t figure her out. She was odd and we loved it.

2.) Post

Then came Bjork’s sophomore album “Post” in 1995. Her biggest hit was “It’s Oh So Quiet” where we saw a somewhat softer side of the Icelandic chanteuse. Even the music seemed a bit more recognizable, almost even Parisian with an accordion to boot. The instrumentation brilliantly follows the lyrics which tell a story. “It’s Oh So Quiet” is reminiscent of a stroll in the park in a dreamlike state. Of course, our gal didn’t let us get too comfortable (much like the love of which describes in her song). Bjork jolted us all out of our trance on the chorus with the sounds of a big brass band.

3.) Anger Management

Sigh…I’m shaking my head at this one. Bjork shocked us all in 1996 when she punched a reporter seemingly out of nowhere in Bangkok. Her record label attributed the attack to jet-lag induced exhaustion since the singer had just arrived fresh off the plane. What were the words that set her off? “Welcome to Bangkok”…that’s it. Bjork went berserk on the poor lady, although she later apologized. This was our first glimpse into the singer’s rage and yet another moment that left us going…”huh?”

4.) Swan Dress

By the time 2001 rolled around, we were used to Bjork’s crazy antics which seemed to have become a household name. So, when she showed up at the 73rd Annual Academy Awards with a swan hanging around her neck, we weren’t surprised. The dress was full of white frills with a full skirt, which gave us a girly glimpse of Bjork that we’d never seen before. Little did she know, Bjork would be paving the way for even more outlandish outfits to come via the likes of Lady Gaga and others.

5.) She strikes again

Apparently, Bjork didn’t get it out of her system when she struck a reporter the first time. In 2008, this time in New Zealand, Bjork went ballistic on yet another photographer who. she has asked repeatedly to leave her alone. Now, we were beginning to understand the root of her anger. Although inappropriate, she most likely was acting out due to the violation she felt at the invasion of her space and the lack of respect she was asking for her privacy.

We haven’t seen much from the singer that would shock us lately. The bulk of her eccentricity seems to be strictly tied to her music these days. She did give us quite a bit to talk about, although we are glad for the sake of photographers everywhere that she’s decided to put away the violence and express herself through what she does best.

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