Actor Jackie Shroff’s Birthday


Actor Jackie Shroff (Jai Krishan Kakubhai Shroff) was also born on this day, 61 years ago. The name Jackie was given to him by a school friend and the movie maker Subhash Ghai also began using this name with Hero (1983). In the 4 decades of a film career, Jackie Shroff has worked in 220 movies in 10 languages – Hindi, Kannada, Konkani, Marathi, Punjabi, Oriya, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Bhojpuri. Jackie Shroff roamed the streets as a local toughie before Bollywood happened to him. He was into modeling also for a brief period. He has won several awards for his acting prowess. He is married to former model Ayesha Dutt. They have 2 children – son Tiger and daughter Krishna. Tiger Shroff is a Bollywood actor. He was conferred the Invertis University degree of Doctor of Arts for his valuable contribution to the field of cinema.

Bollywood and Jackie Shroff: Some of my favorite Jackie Shroff songs are as follows:

Ding dong O Baby sing a song… Hero (1983)

Krishan ne kaha Arjun se… Yudh (1984)

Humko toh yaari se matlab hai… Andar Bahar (1984)

Mujhe tumse hain kitne gile… Ram-Lakhan (1989)

Maine Rabse tujhe mang liya… Karma (1986)

Phool yeh kahan se aaye hain… Kaash (1987)

Juma juma do hi mulaqaton mein… Kala Bazaar (1989)

Gali gali mein phirta hai… Tridev (1989)

Sun o haseena kajalwali… Sangeet (1992)


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