Max Allen Band at Fountain Square Brewing Co.


Next Friday, February 9th, Fountain Square Brewing Co. will be bringing bands who love to jam up to their stage. Be there, and you’ll see performances by the Max Allen Band, The Aquaducks, and Dell Zell.

Max Allen Band

The Max Allen band is an Indianapolis based rock trio that weaves through the genres of funk, jazz, rock, pop, progressive, reggae, classical, and even EDM and hip-hop. The trio consists of Max Allen (vocals, guitar), Dace Robie (bass), and Shaan France (drums).

During their live performances, Max Allen uses a loop pedal to give the band a larger sound. This method also allows the Max Allen Band to write more intricate and interlocking melodies.

The band’s most recent album, “Everyone Thinks You’re Weird” released in 2013. You can listen to it for free on Bandcamp. To find out more about Max Allen Band, you can visit their website. You can also find Max Allen Band on Facebook.

The Aquaducks

The Aquaducks are a funky, eight-piece soul-funk band from Nashville, Tennessee. Their music is upbeat, dance-inducing, and infectious. The mix of funk guitar, groovy bass, blasting horns, and pulsing keys keeps you on your toes as you listen.

The Aquaducks are: Cavanaugh Mims (Vocals, Keyboard), Andrew Fleming(Drums), Zach Sheffler(Guitar), Aaron Veneziano(Bass), Thomas Baxter(Guitar), Paul Violante(Saxophone), Kevin Griffin(Trumpet), and Sam Walker(Percussion).

To find out more about The Aquaducks, you can visit their website. You can also find The Aquaducks on Facebook.

Dell Zell

Dell Zell is a rock, funk, and alternative rock group from Indianapolis. According to their Facebook’s About page, “Dell Zell was born out of a drive for musical experimentation”.

The members of Dell Zell are Mike Boggs (drums), Patrick Collins (keys, percussion), Alex Dies (guitar), James Dies (vocals, percussion), Nick Sage (bass), and Dan Tourney (guitar).

To find out more about Dell Zell, you can visit their Facebook page.


The show with the Max Allen Band, The Aquaducks, and Dell Zell kicks off at 8:00 pm at Fountain Square Brewing Co.. Tickets are seven dollars in advance, ten at the door, and you can pay an extra five to sit at the seated high top.


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