Fossil Youth at The Hoosier Dome


Next Friday, February 9th, Queen City Productions will be bringing a number of musical acts to the Hoosier Dome. Those performing include Fossil Youth, Unturned, and Rarity, as well as local musical acts Juice and Drew Johnson.

Fossil Youth

Fossil Youth is an alternative punk band from Enid, Oklahoma. Still a relatively young band, Fossil Youth released their debut EP “Wickerwolves” in 2014. The next year saw their second, “Intertwined with You”, and in 2016, Fossil Youth released their new full length album, “A Glimpse Of Self Joy”. The band is currently on tour to support this relatively recent release.

Fossil Youth consists of Scottie Noonan, Derek Neef, Zach Jones, and Hesston Swenn. To find out more about Fossil Youth, you can visit their website. You can also find Fossil Youth on Facebook and Bandcamp.


Unturned is another somewhat recent band, having only been together for a couple years. They’re an emo and pop-punk band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and sound sort of like a mash up of Blink 182 and Nirvana. Sort of.

Unturned released their first EP “Remo Drive Split”, and their second, “Acceptance” in 2015. Unturned’s most recet EP, “Pituitary”, came out in 2016.

For more information on Unturned, you can visit them on Bandcamp and Facebook.


Rarity is another alternative, pop-punk band to perform at the Hoosier Dome next weekend. The band from Hamilton, Canada is currently on tour to support their most recent album, “i Couldn’t Be Weaker”.

The members of Rarity are Loeden Learn, Adam Clarke, Evan Woods, and Corbin Giroux. You can learn more about Rarity by visiting their website. You can also find Rarity on Facebook.


The show at the Hoosier Dome starts at 6:00 pm next Friday, February 9th. Doors should open by 5:30. Ticket prices range from twelve to fourteen dollars depending on when and where you buy them.


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