Sia gives us a lift with her new collaboration “Helium”


Sia is back at the microphone again, this time teaming up in collaboration with David Guetta and Afrojack.

Sia’s “Helium,” brings a mix of the effervescent, pop and electronica all in one tune.

The song starts simply with only some keys and Sia’s signature breathy, raspy vocals. For a minute there, you’d think you’re in store for an unplugged version of her off-the-chart smash hits “Elastic Heart” or “Chandelier.”

But then, just as you least expect it, the song takes a turn for the electronica. Sia, you are just full of surprises here.

This is not the first time Sia and French DJ/Producer David Guetta have joined musical forces to bring a treat to the world of music lovers. You may remember 2011’s “Titanium,” which was rich in heavy rave-worthy metal-electronica.

Hmm…”Titanium”…”Helium”…is it just me or do these two have an affinity for the elements? Guetta seems to have a gift for putting sound to the elements. So, David, can we hear what “water” would sound like? Or “fire”? Do I sense a new thematic record coming on? This could get interesting. And no worries, David, you can credit me on your new album for artistic inspiration 🙂

While “Helium” has similar qualities to Sia and Guetta’s previous work, it stands alone as one of Sia’s more simple pieces. The end brings us back to a few simple chords on a piano and Sia’s beautiful easy-breezy vocals.

Sia brings feeling into everything she sings and “Helium” does not disappoint. Which begs the question, just exactly how much heartache has this poor woman seen in her short years here on earth? We can all relate to her tunes of a broken heart, but we would love to hear what the other side of love sounds like for her. Just don’t take away the depth. We love the depth.

This release comes after Sia’s latest work, her holiday album “Everyday is Christmas.”


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