A guide to the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge


The BBC Radio One Live Lounge has one of those Youtube channels with an exciting opening sequence. I’ve spent many a night getting caught in a tailspin of my favorite artists covering songs I never thought I would like and Artists I never thought I liked covering my favorite songs. The Live Lounge separates the weak from the strong, shows you the true artists, shows everyone in a different light, strips all the glamour and celebrity away to give you just plain music.

The Live Lounge gave me an appreciation for good covers. The artists performing on BBC Radio 1 span genres and generations and the songs they cover do the same. There are endless rabbit holes to fall down, endless journeys and different paths to uncover. If only you had a map, a guide. Now you do. I can help you, strap in, grab your headphones, let’s explore.

The artist hop journey:

Hozier gave a very folked up version of Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down.” Hozier making a song more uplifting is a surprise, but you can’t deny it’s fun.



Sam Smith made this breakup song even more devastating. He sings accompanied by only a slow electric guitar which is unexpectedly great. Prepare to tear up.



Bruno Mars took a crack at the most cried-at-artist of all time, Adele. He turned “All I Ask” into a Motown ballad that sounds like your parents’ wedding song.

Adele’s Live Lounge session is not available on youtube, a true travesty.

so… we will have to start again.


James Bay covered Haim’s “Forever”…


Haim covered Miley’s “Wrecking Ball”…


Miley put an Americana twist on Lana Del Ray’s “Summer Time Sadness”.


And I’m here for it all.

But wait! There’s more!


The look-how-many-people-covered-Drake-songs Rabbit Hole:


Chance The Rapper did “Feel No Ways”




Alessia Cara did “Hotline Bling.”


Drake better watch out for this one.


Arctic Monkeys did “Hold On, We’re Going Home.”


So cool. So suave.

The ride isn’t over yet.

Covers That Take Home The Award for Most Unexpectedly Awesome:


I didn’t even know who MØ was until I saw this cover of one of my favorite Rihanna songs. The rasp in her voice adds so much to this already passionate song.

Sub Path: check out her collaboration with Snakehips covering “Redbone” by Childish Gambino and If you love “Redbone” check out this AWESOME cover made with just voice and upright bass.



Miguel could – -as they say- – sing the “L” section of the phone book and I would listen. This is close to unrecognizable as Jorja Smith’s “On My Way” but it is amazing either way. Miguel and  Smith have a similar style so it’s fitting that he covered the song and impressive that he managed to make it so different.



The 1975’s version of the late One Direction’s hit takes on a whole different meaning. The stripped style of the cover strips the criticism that One Direction got at the time it was released. She doesn’t know she is beautiful… and thats a good thing? The 1975 makes it more of a sad pensive love song.



Everyone loves post – One Direction Harry Styles’ new rock star persona which he transfers to his cover of DJ Khaled’s “Wild Thoughts.”

This is where I leave you. Go forth, get lost on your own journeys, forge your own paths.

Check out the entire YouTube channel for more great covers and other related content.


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