Radio Radio Presents: Blue Roots


Most of us humans are fans of one kind of music or another. Some like classical, while others prefer hip hop, electronic, or pop. But as far as contemporary music is concerned, especially rock, we owe a lot of what we hear to traditional blues.

Next Friday, February 2nd, Radio Radio in Fountain Square, Indianapolis will be presenting a blues showcase to honor this influential genre. Performing at Radio Radio will be Black Jack Davey and the Rhythm Kings, Steve Hickman, and Megan Hopkins and Dave Vogt.

Black Jack Davey and the Rhythm Kings

Black Jack Davey and the Rhythm Kings is a Texas and Chicago Blues band from Indianapolis. As a small, three-piece act, Black Jack Davey and the Rhythm Kings focuses on making raw, driving, and honest blues music. Their profile lists some of the band’s main influences as “Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, BB King, and Jimi Hendrix”. Seeing as they don’t have any music available to stream online, this should give you some sense of what to expect.

The members of Black Jack Davey and the Rhythm Kings are Ron Brown (drums), David Moore (guitar/vocals), and John Plachta (bass). To learn more about Black Jack Davey and the Rhythm Kings, you can find them on Facebook.

Steve Hickman

Steve Hickman is an Indianapolis singer, songwriter, and ‘outlaw’ country musician with a southern, blues/rock edge. Hickman released an album in 2005 titled, “Live in Brasstown”, with John Devine. While I flinched while listening to the politicized track “American Made”, you have to at least give Hickman credit for singing his own truth.

To find out more about Steve Hickman, you can visit his page on Reverb Nation. You can also find Steve Hickman on Facebook.

Megan Hopkins and Dave Vogt

Megan Hopkins and Dave Vogt are blues-oriented folk musicians who perform as solo acts while they’re not together. Their music is stripped down, usually performed with nothing more than a single acoustic guitar and raw, unfiltered vocals.

You can find both Megan Hopkins and Dave Vogt on their respective Facebook pages. Their joint page can be found here. You can also find Megan Hopkins on Reverb Nation.


The Blue Roots show at Radio Radio kicks off at 9:00 pm next Friday, February 2nd. Doors open at 8:00, and there’s a five dollar cover at the door.


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