First Stop, First Friday at Fountain Square Brewing


First Fridays are a great tradition for cities. I’ve always been a fan of the way they can bring people together and strengthen communities through an appreciation of the arts. For Indianapolis, Fountain Square Brewing Co. wants to be the first stop for locals before they hit the town to enjoy all the free concerts and festivities. They’ll be offering an art gallery featuring local artists’ work, as well as introducing a new specialty craft beer.

If that wasn’t enough, Fountain Square will also be featuring a few local bands each month. This month’s lineup includes Shadeland, Civil Chief, and Dime Store Hustlers.


Shadeland is an Indianapolis rock band. That’s how they choose to describe themselves, but it would be shortchanging them to leave it at that. Their music is always dynamic, changing, shifting from light to shade through each song. Tracks like “Sniper” feature screeching, warbling, distorted guitar riffs juxtaposed with light keys and vocals. Somehow Shadeland manages to make music that is both complex and simple. I don’t quite know exactly how to describe it, and the best way to understand would be to simply give them a listen.

The members of Shadeland are Allen Kell (guitar, vocals), Matt Johnson (guitar, keys), Brad Johnson (bass), and Brad Hudgins (drums). To find out more about Shadeland, you can visit their Facebook page. You can also listen to Shadeland on SoundCloud.

Dime Store Hustlers

Dime Store Hustlers is a four piece Indianapolis rock band on a mission. As their profile puts it, “The Dime Store Hustlers have a holy mission: To bring Hard Rock to the masses once again”. The band formed in 2014, and their latest EP “More” was released in 2015.

For a good idea of what the Dime Store Hustlers sound like, think of loud classic rock from the 70’s, and add in a dash of punk rock energy. As their website claims, “With music meant for sweating, drinking, and throwing-down, the Dime Store Hustlers have created a “blow-out-the-amps” blistering sonic attack meant for every dive bar with warm bodies ready to party.” That’s the gist of Indianapolis’ Dime Store Hustlers, in a nutshell.

The Dime Store Hustlers are Greg Osborne (guitar, vocals), Andrew Funke (bass), Mike Stilts (guitar), and Rob Fife (drums). To find out more about the Dime Store Hustlers, you can visit their website. You can also find the Dime Store Hustlers on Facebook.

Civil Chief

Not much can be said about the Indianapolis progressive rock band Civil Chief. Unfortunately, there is very little information regarding them available online. But every show needs at least one unknown, right?

Civil Chief consists of Wes Sims (vocals, guitar), Mike Brewer (guitar), Brian Mccleskey (bass), and Chris Kaser (drums). If you want to find out more about Civil Chief, you’ll have to go to the show, and see them yourself.


The First Stop, First Friday show at Fountain Square Brewing Co. starts at 7:00 pm with the local art gallery. The event is free to all, but since it is a bar, twenty-one and over only.



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