Pale Lungs and Looming at The Irving Theater


Next Thursday, February 1st, The Irving Theater will be hosting several bands for another local concert. There will be performing bands from Illinois, Nashville, and Indianapolis at the event. The acts to play as of now are Pale Lungs, Looming, and KRANKS.

Pale Lungs

Pale Lungs is an indie rock group from Nashville, Tennessee. Having been founded in 2016, the band is still young, but they have nevertheless been recording. In their first year, Pale Lungs released the single “My Window”. Just one year later, Pale Lungs came out with their debut EP, “Strawberry”.

As far as style goes, Pale Lungs writes slower, ambient and atmospheric songs. These often incorporate harmonizing vocals, reverb-laced guitar, and dynamic drum beats.

The members of Pale Lungs are Matt Schumacher, Ben Jarrett, Julian Shank, and Hayden Wadell. To find out more about Pale Lungs, you can visit their Bandcamp page. You can also find Pale Lungs on Facebook.


Looming is an alternative indie rock and pop group from Springfield, Illinois. In 2013, they released their debut self-titled EP. Since then, Looming has released five additional albums, including one live Audiotree session. Their most recent album, “Seed”, came out in September of 2017.

Looming crafts their sonic soundscape with a different approach than Pale Lungs. Rather than shooting for slower, more ambient rock, Looming is jolting, sometimes jerky, but manages to do it in such a way that it fits. And through it all, the seemingly wild and erratic vocals hold your attention, and ties it all together.

Looming consists of Jessica Knight, Mitch Baker, Nick Demarco, Brandon Carnes, and Cassie Staub. You can find Looming on Facebook. You can also listen to their music on Bandcamp.


KRANKS is an experimental rock group based in Indianapolis. This four-piece group hasn’t been around for long, having released their first single on SoundCloud in mid-November of last year.

If Pale Lungs’ ambient indie rock is on one end of a spectrum, then KRANKS are on the other side. There’s little attempt at a quiet, introspective ambiance here. On the contrary, KRANKS seem hell bent on doing the exact opposite. Their music is loud and in your face, with maybe more of an intention to move you physically than anything.

KRANKS consists of Patrick GS (vocals, guitar), Mitch Pool (bass), Castle Trees (drums), and Andy Morgan (lead guitar). To find out more, you can find KRANKS on Facebook.


The show next Thursday night at the Irving Theater starts at 6:30 pm, and the doors open at 6:00. Tickets to the show are ten dollars.


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