Free First Friday at The Hi-Fi, 2/02


Next Friday night, The Hi-Fi in Fountain Square, Indianapolis is offering another free concert in honor of the first Friday of the month. For the month of February, Birdmen of Alcatraz will be headlining at The Hi-Fi. Joining them will be the band Blackberry Jam.

Birdmen of Alcatraz

Birdmen of Alcatraz is a funk rock group from Indianapolis. From visiting their Bandcamp page, it doesn’t seem like the Birdmen have been busy recently. Their most recent album available ” Focus”, released in 1996. The other, “Birdmen of Alcatraz”, was their debut in 1994.

While the Birdmen of Alcatraz might not be dropping albums regularly, it’s clear that they’re still out there playing live shows in the city. The only bands that I can compare them to that come to mind are Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against the Machine. Birdmen of Alcatraz fuse elements of rock, metal, and hip hop into their sound in some similar ways to them.

All in all, the Birdmen of Alcatraz may be an older group, but the music they make is far from old-timey. If they can still bring the same amount of energy during their live shows, you’ll be able to hear the vibrations up and down Virginia Avenue.

You can find out more about Birdmen of Alcatraz by visiting their Bandcamp page. you can also find Birdmen of Alcatraz on Facebook.

Blackberry Jam

It looks like next Friday at The Hi-Fi will be a throwback night of sorts. The second act to play will be Blackberry Jam, an alternative, urban funk group from Indianapolis that formed in 1996. Their music mixes elements of heavy funk with heartfelt soul, and their songs range in musical style to appeal to multi-genre music lovers.

It might be more accurate to categorize Blackberry Jam as a collective rather than one, cohesive band. Its members include Jumbo Shrimp (lead vocals), Jerry Gates (drums), Brian Weir Harden (guitar), Solar Power (MC, backup vocals), Ron Hendrick (bass), and Joe Burton (percussion). Along with a larger lineup, Blackberry Jam has also performed with a number of notable guests, all of which can be found on their Facebook profile page.

To find out more about Blackberry Jam, you can visit their Facebook page. You can also find and listen to Blackberry Jam on Reverb Nation.


The First Friday show at The Hi-Fi starts at 7:30 pm next Friday, February 2nd. Doors open at 6:30, and once again, admission is free.


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