Winter Jam 2018 to feature Addison Agen, Skillet, much more


Winter Jam is a traveling Christian music concert series. The series is geared toward young concertgoers with resources for youth worship leaders. Winter Jam is produced by Premiere Productions, which is responsible for other concert series.

Winter Jam 2018 has a packed schedule for the eastern and southern portions of the United States. In Indiana, Winter Jam concerts are planned in all the state’s regions. For those who are new to the Winter Jam concept, the sheer amount of acts could be overwhelming. But doubtless for young would-be attendees, the scheduled performers, the opportunity to hang out with people of similar age and interests, and join a street team are reasons enough to get excited about Winter Jam.

A special addition to Winter Jam this year is the inclusion of “The Voice” runner-up, Addison Agen. But Winter Jam is not just about music, although there does appear to be a great deal of that. Speaker Nick Hall and comedian John Crist will also be a part of the concert.

Street Team

Because Winter Jam is not just any concert series, the purpose is to spread the Gospel and allow Christian music fans to hear songs that represent their faith, the series’ Street Team is important.

Premiere Productions’ website has a link for those who might want to get involved as a Street Team member. According to the website, the Street Team is responsible for essentially serving as ambassadors of Winter Jam. The volunteers must live within 30 miles of a city hosting a Winter Jam concert, and they must be willing to hang posters, participate in social networking, visit churches and pass out flyers.

Jam Nation

While being a member of the Street Team requires using time and physicality, Jam Nation is kind of like the VIP experience of Winter Jam. Jam Nation members receive free merchandise, early access to the concert venue and subsequently first choice of seats. In addition, members are also afforded access to a Q&A session with Winter Jam artists. There are other perks to joining Jam Nation, including being able to use Jam Nation early access passes to shows in multiple cities. This is only available for individual memberships, not groups. For more information about Jam Nation visit

The importance of Winter Jam

While Winter Jam sounds like a great deal of activity, and it probably is, the significance of it for people of Christian faith is enormous. Especially in Indiana, and particularly Fort Wayne, Christian music is associated with an elderly crowd. The popularity of the Gaither family comes to mind. Even with a legacy of fostering Christian music, and with a few venerable Christian music stations, there are not always a cadre of events that cater to young Christians.

While Winter Jam’s website does not exclude any would-be attendee, the youthful vibe is there and it is exciting.

Winter Jam 2018 will come to the Allen County War Memorial in Fort Wayne, Indiana on Feb. 8, 2018. Regular admission is $15 at the door. There are no tickets to be purchased. Jam Nation admission is higher. The event begins at 7:00 p.m., and doors open at 6:00 p.m. Admission begins at 4:30 p.m. for Jam Nation members.

With more than a dozen acts and a crew of local volunteers helping to get the word out, Winter Jam 2018 should prove to be a lot of fun with a serious purpose.



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