Wife Patrol and special guest at The Melody Inn


Next Friday, January 26th, be sure to get down to The Melody Inn for another concert featuring local Indiana musicians. Playing next Friday will be the Indianapolis band Wife Patrol, as well as special guests Solid State Physics from Bloomington, Indiana.

Wife Patrol

Wife Patrol is an alternative rock band from Indianapolis that draws inspiration from 90’s grunge, 80’s metal, and pop. The small, three-piece band brings a lot of raw energy to their music. The tone on the guitar in songs like “Your Mother” remind me a lot of The Pixies. At the same time, I hear a good bit of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in the vocals and main riff.

Wife Patrol released their EP “Electric Blizzard EP” in 2016. The single “Your Mother” was released later in the same year. “I’m in a Race”, another single, came out in 2017.

Wife Patrol consists of Greg O’Neill (guitar, vocals), Natasha O’Neill (drums, vocals), and Nicole O’Neal (bass, vocals). Yes, they all have sort of the same last name. Natasha and Greg are married, and Nicole looks to be just a happy coincidence.

You can find out more about Wife Patrol by visiting their website. You can also find Wife Patrol on Facebook.

Solid State Physics

Solid State Physics is a garage and punk rock band from Bloomington, Indiana. The band released their debut album “SSP” in 2016, and later in the same year, an EP by the same name. In 2017, Solid State Physics released their latest record “On Fire”. In it, in songs like “I See You”, the line “I want safety for all women” is repeated over and over. It’s nice to hear punk music pushing a socially-conscious message rather than hitting you over the head with existential angst like too many do.

Solid State Physics consists of Justin Meier, Constance Marguerite, and Michael Pruitt. To find out more, you can find Solid State Physics on Facebook. You can also listen to Solid State Physics on Bandcamp.


The show at The Melody Inn starts at 9:00 pm next Friday, January 26th, and a five dollar cover will get you in the door.


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