Bumpin’ Uglies and The One Drops play The Mousetrap


Next Saturday, January 27th, things are going to get ugly at The Mousetrap Bar and Grill in Indianapolis. The local venue located in South Broad Ripple will be putting on another concert for locals to enjoy. Playing next Saturday will be Bumpin’ Uglies and Aaron Kamm and The One Drops.

Bumpin’ Uglies

Bumpin’ Uglies are a ska, punk, and reggae band from Annapolis, Maryland. A lot of their songs focus on riding a groove constructed from rocking bass and classic reggae rhythms. While the music is clearly a big part of their sound, Bumpin’ Uglies tend to put more thought into their lyrics as well, which do the most to drive each song.

Bumpin’ Uglies released their most recent album, “Keep It Together” in 2016. In songs like “Snowflake”, you can clearly hear the lyrically-driving side of Bumpin’ Uglies, which is balanced out by catchy guitar riffs between verses.

The members of Bumpin’ Uglies are Brandon Hardesty (guitar, vocals), Dave Wolf (bass), TJ Haslett (drums), and Chad Wright (keys). You can find out more about Bumpin’ Uglies by visiting their Facebook page. You can also visit their website, or listen to their music on Bandcamp.

Aaron Kamm and the One Drops

Aaron Kamm and The One Drops are a reggae, blues jam band from St. Louis. With a more minimalist, three piece setup, Kamm and The One Drops draw inspiration from roots reggae, Mississippi Delta blues, and merge it with improvisational jams.

Aaron Kamm and The One Drops released their debut album, “Gnu-Gnu” in 2008. Since then, the group has released three additional albums. The most recent of these, “Feed the Meter” dropped in 2014. While it seems like they’re still hard at work on their next release, Aaron Kamm and The One Drops don’t show any signs of stopping when it comes to live shows. Their current tour will take them from Indiana to Illinois, North Carolina, Iowa, Missouri, and more.

Aaron Kamm and The One Drops consists of Sean Raila (drums), Andy Lee Doris (bass), and Aaron Kamm (vocals, guitar). For more information on Aaron Kamm and the One Drops, you can visit their website. You can also find Aaron Kamm and the One Drops on Facebook and Bandcamp.

The show at the Mousetrap Bar and Grill kicks off at 10:00 pm next Saturday, January 27th. Ticket prices range between five and seven dollars depending on when and where you buy them.



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