Anything You Can Think Of: Rob Funkhouser at the State Street Pub

Composer and Instrument Maker Rob Funkhouser Plays the State Street Pub on January 20th.

The State Street Pub has a habit of showcasing unconventional performers, and this time is no different. Except it is. Did I just commit a logical fallacy? Anyway, even as we explore the music around us brothers and sisters, it’s important that we expand. After all, a person can get stuck digging a narrow stratum of music and miss out on the whole. So with that in mind, the State Street Pub is hosting composer Rob Funkhouser, why go out an give him a listen?

A Brief History

Rob Funkhouser’s career differs substantially from most of the musicians I cover. For one thing, his career involves Butler University’s music school, which granted him a Masters of Music. However, even before he graduated, Funkhouser was active in various musical capacities. In fact, he released several tracks on various labels all over the world as well as getting airplay in Australia. Post-graduation, he now lives in Indy with the rest of us and is a presence in the musical and artistic scene. In his time around the city as a free agent, Funkhouser has performed, directed, and curated various musical events. He also makes instruments for other artists to play. This also extends to a large number of collaborations with various local artists, such as Corey Denham, Sarah Goodman, and So Percussion.

His Sound

Like many modern art music composers, one can safely Funkhouser’s work under the broad umbrella of “avant-garde”. Which can be practically meaningless as a category. But I digress. Funkhouser is primarily percussion focused, using drums, vibraphones, bell and anything else that rings when struck. Of course he’s more than an artsy version of your garden variety steel-drum band. Much more. In addition to all the percussion, Funkhouser also uses and effects kit. This allows him much more freedom than your typical rock drummer ever has. In fact, he often goes so far as to mix his percussive sound with electronic ambient music. The result turns a drum performance into a surreal trip through a land of clanging, banging, and buzzing.

So, as always. The venue is the State Street Pub, door’s at 9:00.

See you there!


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