Spandrels, Moira, and Cherrys at The Pioneer


If you’ve been waiting for a local Indianapolis venue to serve up an eclectic mix of pop-dedicated tunes, look no further. Next Friday, January 26th, The Pioneer will be hosting three different bands who each incorporate pop in their own way. Performing next Friday night will be Spandrels, Moira, and Cherrys.


Cherrys will start off the night by taking the stage at 10:30 pm. In my experience with The Pioneer, when they claim a show will start at a certain time, it rarely does. Being a fashionable fifteen to twenty minutes late might save you some time waiting around.

Cherrys is a bubblegum-pop, surf-rock band from Indianapolis. I remember seeing them play at the Square Cat Vinyl a few months ago. They played some good songs, and had a lot of energy that the crowd enjoyed. My only complaint was that some of their songs didn’t sound so polished. Hopefully this time around they’ll be able to shake off those last minute jitters.

Cherrys consists of Emma Louise (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Dick James (bass, guitar), Ryan Perkins (bass, guitar), and Carl Jones (drums). For more information on Cherrys, you can visit their Facebook page. You can also find Cherrys on Bandcamp.


Heading to the stage directly after Cherrys, at around 11:15, is Moira. If Cherrys are on the high energy and whimsical side of pop, Moira is on the other end with its blend of ambient, melancholic dream-pop.

Moira is a dream-pop, post-rock trio from Dayton, Ohio that formed in 2015. In the very first year of the band’s conception, Moira released their debut album, “Asleep/Repeat/Awake”. Their songs often feature hypnotic keyboard compositions along with ethereal vocals and a dash of punk aesthetic.

If you want to find out more about Moira, you can visit their website. You can also find Moira on Facebook.


Rapping up the show as the last act on stage will be Spandrels, who should start playing by midnight. I’d never heard of, nor seen Spandrels play before, and after a little bit of digging, I found…nothing. No songs, no bandcamp or soundcloud. Their website’s music page states that, “Spandrels has no recorded music available online……yet.”. It looks like we’re walking into the dark on this one.

What I do know about Spandrels is that they’re a noise-pop band in Indianapolis. So again, expect a very different version of pop from the previous two bands. Spandrels consists of Casey No, Christine Pallon, Isaac Arms, and Isabel Skidmore.

You can visit Spandrels’ website or Facebook page for more information.


So whether you’re into pop mixed with noise, ambient, or surf rock, The Pioneer has you covered next Friday night. The show on the 26th starts at 10:30 pm, and there’s a five dollar cover at the door.



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