A War Within and more at The Hoosier Dome


This Saturday, January 20th, there’s another concert at The Hoosier Dome for metal and hardcore lovers alike. If the icy roads and snowy skies have been getting you down and you feel the need to blow off some steam, you couldn’t pick a better place to do it. A War Within will be performing at The Hoosier Dome this weekend. Other musical guests include Normundy, Freshman Year, and A Burden To Bear.

A War Within

A War Within is an alternative metal rock band from Detroit, Michigan. Their music typically contrasts shades of light and dark in both their lyrics, as well as compositions. When this is considered, their name, “A War Within”, is an apt description of the band’s distinct approach to songwriting. Their songs often trade off vocalists, from the pleasant-sounding and clean, to the rough and raw screams. It’s an interesting technique that seems to work well for A War Within. Their songs feel more like a mash up between alternative rock and hardcore metal, which is right where they want to be.

To find out more about A War Within, you can visit their Facebook page, or website.


If A War Within is alternative rock meets hardcore metal, then Normundy is rock meets rap meets EDM. Another similarity the two bands share is that they also pass the mic between two vocalists. One provides the rapping verses, and the other sings the catchy hooks and melodies. When it comes time to rough it up with some screams, they both pitch in. Think of a strange mix between Rage Against the Machine, My Chemical Romance, add some rapping, and you’re halfway to Normundy.

You can find Normundy on their website or Facebook.

Freshman Year

Unlike the previous two bands, Freshman Year describes themselves as an “easycore” band. Freshman Year is a local Indianapolis group that formed in 2015. Its members include Jordan Trumble (vocals), Andy Hynes (bass), Hayden Warren (guitar), and Michael Riggins (drums).

To learn more about Freshman Year, you can visit their Facebook page.

A Burden To Bear

With all of these bands approaching the metal genre from various angles, A Burden To Bear will be there to represent a band that is one thing and one thing only: metal. Hailing from Fort Wayne, Indiana, A Burden To Bear has been playing together since 2016. Their band members include Taylor Turpen (lead vocals), Wyatt Traxler (vocals, guitar), Nick Vawter (vocals, guitar), and Jackson Stringer (bass).

You can find A Burden To Bear on Facebook.


With a wide lineup of bands to play this Saturday, fans of metal, alternative, hardcore, and electronic music will all find something to like at The Hoosier Dome. The show starts at 7:00 pm on Saturday, January 20th. Tickets are ten dollars in advance, and twelve the day of the show.


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