Raga Todi


Today’s expert, Classical and Bollywood Playback Singer Sanjeevani Bhelande decided to talk to us about Raga Todi, this week. She wanted to say, “Raga Todi is the main ashray raga of Todi Thaat. It is also called Miyan ki Todi as Miyan Tansen is said to have created it. It is one of the most awesome, grand ragas. It is one of the most difficult ragas to sing as the teevra Ma, Pa and komal Dha are very close to each other. It is my favorite because of its challenging swara structure that pierces your heart creating a very moving atmosphere.”

Nuances: The raga has komal Re, komal Ga, komal Dha, shuddh Ni and teevra Ma. She added, “This is such an awesome combination. I have used the raga in two of my own compositions. One is from my English-Hindi bilingual album Meera and Me. The song Don’t go please don’t go… or Mat ja jogi… is full of pathos with Meera urging her beloved not to go. I felt there could be no better raga than Todi to express the pangs of separation. Raga Todi is a raga of late morning or noon time. Jati is sampoorna though pancham is often omitted in the aaroha making the jaati shaadav-sampoorna too.”

Bollywood and Raga Todi: Some of the popular songs based on this raga are:

Duniya na bhaye mohe, ab to bullale… Basant Bahar (1956)

Eri main to prem divani… Meera (1979)

Insan bano… Baiju Bawra (1952)

Jago re jago prabhat aya… Sant Gyaneshwar (1964)

Bhor bhaye tori baat takat piya… Delhi 6 (2009)

Only mukhda (First Stanza) of Raina beeti jaaye… Amar Prem (1972)


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