Jomberfox and Cyrus Youngman at State Street Pub


The State Street Pub in Indianapolis puts on a lot of shows throughout the year. I’m sure I’m supposed to say how this one will stand out from the rest, and is therefore worth your time. To be honest though, it’s just another solid concert with three great bands at one of the best dives in town. There’s not much to do other than present the lineup for the show next Friday, January 26th.


Jomberfox is an Indianapolis rock and roll band that’s been taking the city by storm at local venues in Fountain Square. Their New Year’s Eve show at The Hi-Fi sold out, where Jomberfox was also selling vinyl copies of their new LP “The Variety Age”, which is set to release this spring.

As far as their music goes, Jomberfox incorporates electronic sounds with a variety of guitar effects to achieve their atmospheric sound. That’s one part of Jomberfox. The other part is what the low-tempo, ethereal atmosphere builds to, a release of fuzz-filled energy and the grittiness lying underneath it all. Jomberfox shines when they facilitate the tension between these two extremes effectively, like in “The Brain”, from their 2014 self-titled album.

For more information on Jomberfox, you can find them on Facebook.

Cyrus Youngman

You may know him as the front man for Cyrus Youngman and the Kingfishers. He’s talented, eccentric, and has a penchant for sporting sailor hats. It’s not clear whether or not the Kingfishers will be joining Cyrus Youngman at the State Street Pub next Friday. If not, it’ll be interesting to see whether or not Youngman can hold the stage with a solo act. I’d still put my money on him. With as much charisma as he has though, let’s still hope the Kingfishers make an appearance. You can never have too much music, after all.

River Thief

River Thief is a rock, folk, and soul band from Indianapolis. They differ in one way from the previously mentioned bands, in that I’m much less familiar with them. River Thief consists of Nathaniel Hood (vocals, keyboards), Matt Johnson (guitar, vocals), Samuel Mosey (guitar, vocals), Andrew Roti (bass), and Robert Snyder (drums, vocals). Their music often strikes a melancholy tone offset by uplifting and fully harmonized choruses. They’re not bad, but I wouldn’t say they stand out to me in any particular way. Maybe their live performance will change that, though.

To find out more about River Thief, you can visit their Facebook page. you can also listen to them on Bandcamp.


The show at the State Street Pub starts at 9:00 pm next Friday, January 26th. Five bucks will get you in the door.


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