Four Musics On A Monday at State Street Pub


Next Monday, January 22nd, the State Street Pub will be putting on another show featuring four different musical acts (hence the name). The night will include performances from two touring bands passing through the state, as well as two local acts you may be familiar with. The lineup is as follows: Mike Donovan, Duncan Kissinger Group, The Funs, and Mark Tester.

Mike Donovan

Mike Donovan is currently a singer and songwriter with The Peacers, but also writes and performs music as a solo act. A resident of San Francisco, California, Donovan will be playing a solo performance at State Street Pub next Monday as he passes through the city on tour.

For more information, you can find Mike Donovan on Drag City. You can find more about The Peacers there, as well.


Duncan Kissinger Group

Duncan Kissinger is a local Indianapolis singer and songwriter. He writes a mixture of acoustic folk and electronic blues, wrapping it all up in what he calls “subversive devotionals”. Most of these devotionals are fairly short, with few wandering further than the three-minute mark. Kissinger definitely takes a different approach to songwriting than most, almost treating each song like a journal entry or mantra.

For more information on Duncan Kissinger, you can visit his Facebook page. You can also listen to him for free on Bandcamp.

The Funs

As they put it themselves, The Funs are an art-punk, buzz-fuzz band. Currently residing in St. Louis, The Funs will be the second touring band of the night at State Street Pub. Their music features loud, distorted guitar drones matched together with reverb-laced vocals. Overall, The Funs sound sort of like The XX with more fuzz.

You can listen to them for yourself by visiting The Funs on Bandcamp. You can also find the Funs on Facebook.

Mark Tester

Mark Tester is another Indianapolis local who will be performing at the State Street Pub next Monday night. For anyone wanting something different, look no further. During his live performances, Mark Tester improvises over prerecorded musical landscapes. This is the stranger side of electronic music, and if you’re looking for something a little more avant garde, you’ve found it.

To listen to some of these weird, electronic recordings yourself, you can find Mark Tester on Bandcamp.


Four Musics on a Monday starts at 9:00 pm at the State Street Pub next Monday, January 22nd. A five dollar cover will be charged at the door.


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