Dixie Chicks release surprise live album to streaming services


The Dixie Chicks surprised their fans last week by releasing a live album to streaming services. The group made the announcement via social media two days before the release. They also let their fans see what to expect on the album by releasing a few of the songs they included on track.

The live album comes from the Dixie Chicks latest world tour, the “DCX MMXVI World Tour,” from last year. They recorded the tracks along the way and compiled the songs into a great new album. It’s been the first time since the group’s been on a world tour since 2007.

One of the most exciting concerts of the entire tour was the one they held in Nashville. It lasted over 2 hours and contained a number of great covers as well as music from their award-winning albums, according to CMT.

The Dixie Chicks got their start in 1989, but it wasn’t until 1995 and the addition of Natalie Maines that the band’s career really took off. In a five-year span, the group released two hit albums and had a string of hits. In fact, in 1998, they managed to sell more CDs than all other country groups combined.

Sadly, after 2000, The Dixie Chicks had a string of disputes and public controversies that put a damper on their popularity. First, they had a dispute with their record label, Sony, including a claim that they had been grossly underpaid.

In 2003, Maines made some comments at a concert in England that were not taken well by the country music industry or their fans. The Dixie Chicks have laid low since, managing to conduct only a few tours here and there. They’ve also not released any new music during that time.

The original release of the album was supposed to be September 2017. According to Popculture, a DVD of the tour also came with the album. But, now the same music is available for fans who use streaming services as well.


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