Country singer-songwriter Lari White diagnosed with cancer


Lari White, a singer-songwriter responsible for a number of huge hits during the 1990s, received some devastating news recently. In a letter the artist published on the ArtistWorks blog, White announced that she’s been diagnosed with cancer.

White went on to say that she had been battling some health issues throughout the summer of 2017. Initially, all the tests came back negative. But, after undergoing exploratory surgery, she received the dreaded news in September.

Sadly, the treatment for the diagnosis White was given, advanced peritoneal cancer is pretty aggressive. It will require further surgery, chemotherapy and other treatments throughout the year. Unfortunately, this means she won’t be able to tour or write and produce music as she did before. In fact, for the most part, she will need to remain in bed during her treatment.

Naturally, this is putting quite a hardship on the singer-songwriter and her family. Her husband is also a professional musician and the pair travel together much of the time. He’s now taking off work to be with White and help her through treatments, which is putting a strain on their finances. Luckily, a GoFundMe account has been set up for the couple and a lot of fans are already contributing to it.

White has been a part of the country music industry for 25 years. In fact, she is releasing an EP next month with her husband to celebrate that milestone. Sadly, she won’t be able to do much to promote or tour as the album reaches her fans, however.

Hopefully, White’s treatment will be a success and she will be back on the mend soon. While we wait for her return, we will simply sit back and listen to all the great music, White has given us throughout her career.

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