Goodbye Sirius: A Farewell Experience at The Hi-Fi


While Sirius Blvck has been an influential member of the Indianapolis hip hop scene, all good things, as they say, must come to an end. Sirius will be moving to Oregon soon, but before he leaves, he’s making sure to give as good of a goodbye to Indy as he can. To celebrate Sirius Blvck’s next chapter in life, the Hi-Fi in Fountain Square will be putting on a concert featuring a number of performing acts, listed below.

Sirius Blvck

Sirius Blvck has been leaving his mark on the Indianapolis rap and hip hop scene for years. A member of “Indianapolis rap groups such as Indiana City Weather, Ghost Town Collective, and Rad Summer”, Sirius Blvck has without a doubt helped to strengthen the presence and quality of local rap and hip hop in Indianapolis. It’ll be a shame to see him gone, but it leaves a question as to who, if anyone, will fill the void when he leaves.

To find out more about Sirius Blvck, you can visit his Facebook page. You can also listen to Sirius Blvck on SoundCloud.


Joining in the fun for Sirius Blvck’s going away party will be experimental hip hop artist FLACO. With his off-kilter approach to hip hop, it’s amazing just how prolific FLACO is as an artist. If you visit his Bandcamp page, you’ll see a list of dozens of projects he’s been a part of. If anything, FLACO will be there to remind everyone that Indy rap is doing just fine.

You can find out more about FLACO on Facebook. You can also find his music on SoundCloud.

Cairo Jag

Cairo Jag is a three-piece rock and roll band from Indianapolis that will also be seeing off Sirius Blvck at The Hi-Fi. Their music is raw, unfiltered, rock with a punk infusion. Cairo Jag consists of Nolan Schockman (drums, vocals), Curt Turner (guitar, vocals), and Vince Farley (bass).

You can find Cairo Jag on Facebook and Bandcamp.

Kill Surf City

Another rock band playing for Sirius Blvck’s farewell party is Kill Surf City, from Fort Wayne, Indiana. The band’s Facebook profile describes itself as “A guy at home. Blatant worship of better bands.”

Kill Surf City can be found on both Facebook and Bandcamp.


Sirius Blvck’s farewell concert at The Hi-Fi kicks off at 9:00 pm this Saturday, January 20th. Doors open at 8:00, and ticket prices range from eight to ten dollars.


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