Autumn Androids Come to Fountain Square Brewing Co.


This Friday, January 19th, Fountain Square Brewing Co. is kicking off the new year with a rock concert. The show will feature four different Midwest rock bands. These are, Tommy, Casey Jo and The Friday Night Dads, VOLK, and Autumn Androids.


Tommy is an indie folk and rock artist from Chicago, Illinois who currently resides in Noblesville, Indiana. Also a multi-instrumentalist, Tommy started making music in 2002. As he states it in his Facebook bio, “Cutting my teeth on punk rock I moved from genre to genre until deciding to go solo in 2013″. Since then, Tommy released his debut album, “The Sailor and The Sea” in 2014. In the spring of 2017, he released his second album “We Are Safe”. 

To listen to Tommy, you can visit his SoundCloud page. You can also find out more about Tommy on Facebook.

Casey Jo and The Friday Night Dads

Following Tommy, and hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Casey Jo and The Friday Night Dads are a grungy blues, garage rock band. Their music holds on to the essence of rock and roll, but that doesn’t mean that their songs are in any way derivative. If anything, they’re almost a part of a classic rock revival, bringing back that authentic rock edge that a lot of bands are missing nowadays. A big part of that has to do with the grittiness and honesty in singer Casey Jo Stohrer. They’re definitely worth a listen, to say the least.

Casey Jo and The Friday Night Dads consists of Casey Jo Stohrer (vocals, guitar), Anthony Parisi (bass), Ethan Sims (lead guitar), and John Powelson (drums). You can listen to Casey Jo and The Friday Night Dads on Bandcamp. You can also find them on Facebook.


VOLK is a gothic, western rock duo from Nashville, Tennessee that focuses on making pure and raw music in the modern age. The two members who make up VOLK are Eleot Reich and Chris Lowe. While they sport a minimalist lineup and aesthetic, VOLK still manages to infuse their songs with a considerable amount of energy and soul. Imgaine if Johnny Cash and The Black Keys had a band-child, and you’ve got VOLK.

To find out more about VOLK, you can visit their website. You can also find VOLK on Facebook.

Autumn Androids

As they put it themselves, “Autumn Androids are 4 gentlebots that hail from various small towns in Indiana”. That small town is Mooresville, Indiana, just southwest of Indianapolis. When it comes to their music, Autumn Androids fuse elements of indie, pop, folk, and rock to reach their sound. Their debut album, “Regarding: Entropy” released in the spring of 2017. You can give it a listen by visiting Autumn Androids on Bandcamp.

Autumn Androids consists of Ricky White, Austin Wooten, Alec Ward, and Chris Woods. To find out more about Autumn Androids, you can visit their Facebook page.


The show at Fountain Square Brewing Co. starts at 8:00 pm and will run until 11:00. Tommy will take the stage first, followed by Casey Jo and The Friday Night Dads. VOLK will take the stage a little after 9:00, with Autumn Androids closing out the show at 10:00. Tickets are seven dollars if bought in advance, and ten at the door.


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