Andrew Reed inspires with new track “If All The World Were Right”


If you’re looking for a new start, Andrew Reed may be the man to turn to for inspiration. In his new song “If All The World Were Right,” the Asheville rocker grabs his hopes and wishes by the horns and takes a deep look inside. While paying homage to the sounds of rock music from the 60s and 70s, the artist takes a hard look at life, coming to a conclusion about the suffering of the world and his role in it.

The new song is the title track of Reed’s new album “If All The World Were Right.” As the lead track from the record, it exemplifies his inspirational take on the world. But the song doesn’t start by giving us advice. Instead, it begins by showing the journey that he’s taken. In the song’s first verses, he sees the world as the problem. Everything would be okay if there wasn’t so much suffering “out there.”

Reed establishes tension between that idea – the constant externalizing of problems in the “world” – with the need to cultivate a healthy “world within.” The song travels through the trials and tribulations of being human. He talks of “phantoms in the air” and “famished faces on my stairs,” obviously feeling panic about the state of the world. Not only does he see suffering all around him, but feels it inside of himself when he’s alone in his room. There’s no escaping it.

“I see beyond this grand illusion” Reed sings in the chorus, getting closer to the idea of changing his own perception of the world outside himself. The song’s character journeys through more darkness until arriving at a place of humility, which to Reed is the only way to find peace with ourselves and the world. “I’d feel alright / If all the world were right / I’ll feel alright / If I start with my own life.”

Reed’s message is certainly infectious, and you can feel his passion ooze through the song. In a way, the track functions as a sort of classic rock “Man in the Mirror,” as the singers in both songs desperately remind themselves that the work to be done is internal. We’re in control of our own worlds, and we have to cultivate a happiness from within.

Musically, “If All The World Were Right” is a fun song. It seems Reed has a deep love for classic rock, and it shows in his music. We hear the sounds of the past echoing throughout the track, from the organs and clean rock rhythm to the grandiose strings rising behind the melody. It’s even present in Reed’s delivery, who has the breathy timbre of a bygone rocker, alive with energy and emotion.

Although the song stumbles a bit lyrically, it’s the kind of dance-hall rock song that’ll get you going and have you feeling good at the end. It seems this is Reed’s mission, and he’s doing a good job of it. Rock music should feel liberating, and this is a song that’ll help anyone get in the spirit.


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