Loretta Lynn recovering from fall at her home


Loretta Lynn has suffered yet another setback with her health. This time, the 85-year-old country singer took a spill at her home and fractured her hip. At this point, her family believes she may have tripped over a new puppy in the home.

Lynn’s family spoke to People Country shortly after her fall. They stated that the fall happened on New Year’s Day. Naturally, they are concerned about the break due to her age but do say that she’s starting to recover.

“She had an accident on New Year’s Day and fractured her hip,” Patsy, Lynn’s daughter told the magazine. “At my mom’s age it’s so dangerous when it comes to the hip, so we’re all just grateful she seems to be okay. She’s up putting weight on it and starting her rehab now.”

This fall comes not even a year after Lynn suffered another setback in her life. In May of last year, the country music legend suffered a stroke. She’s spent the better part of this year recovering from that stroke and hasn’t been seen much in public since.

Luckily, her family does say she hasn’t put her music on the back burner while she recovers, even though she has had to cancel a few shows. Instead, she’s busy recording a new album and having band rehearsals in her home.

Hopefully, Lynn will be able to recover from this fall as well as she has been from her stroke so she can get back to doing what she loves to do – make country music. She loves being out on the road and creating new music for her fans. Country music is a part of her and has been for the majority of her life. It doesn’t look like she wants to stop anytime soon.

Sending all our well wishes to Loretta Lynn while she recovers.


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