Whatever You Say, Say it Loud: Ron Gallo at the Hi-Fi

Garage Rock Terrorist Ron Gallo Plays the Hi-Fi on January 18th.

There’s something about the raw energy of garage rock acts, especially punk-inflected ones, that just keeps me coming back. I could offer a few maybes on the subject, but the bottom line is: I just like them. And, given just how much musical innovation bands like the Modern Lovers and the 13th Floor Elevators have been behind, that might just be a good thing. Which reminds me. Ron Gallo, who fits the description in the first sentence to a T, plays the Hi-Fi on January 18th. Bring ear protection.

A Brief History

Ron Gallo got his start with Philadelphia-based band Toy Soldiers, which formed in 2007. While Toy Soldiers began as a lo-fi outfit with a minimalistic sound, their MO morphed over time. And by morphed, I mean they sometimes had as many as ten different musicians playing with them. On a variety of different instruments, no less. Essentially, the band become the antithesis of their original sound. Gallo worked mainly as the band’s songwriter, but was nonetheless onstage with the rest of them. Even so, Gallo held ambitions of going solo which he finally realized in late 2016. In December 2016, NPR debuted a music video of Gallo’s song “Please Yourself” from his upcoming Heavy Meta album. Following the release of the album in full in February 2017, Gallo has toured extensively to promote it. As well as playing numerous music festivals around the country.

His Sound

Ron Gallo is loud, grinding, and hard. Basically, your classic garage rock/punk sound but some added artistry and depth. Noise and distortion are, of course, as central to Gallo’s sound as his aggressive playing. But, there is also a surprising amount of old-fashioned blues fulminating beneath the aggro surface. Not a big surprise, considering that his previous group was known for its bluesy sound. These elements combine to create a sound that jumps, screams, and batters its head against the wall. You know, like any good punk/garage/blues/whatever.

So, as always. The venue is the Hi-Fi, door’s at 8:00PM.

See you there!



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