Not Your Daddy’s Bluegrass: Flatland Harmony Experiment at the Mousetrap

Bluegrass Mavericks Flatland Harmony Experiment to Play the Mousetrap on January 20th.

Yes, there will be banjos. In fact, I give you my solemn oath. After all, one can’t really have bluegrass when one does not have a banjo. But, there are plenty of other things that one can do with bluegrass and Flatland Harmony Experiment aims to do them all. An you can have the pleasure of observing when they play the Mousetrap January 20th. Go there, and you get to drink beer and hear bluegrass. Sounds like a winner to me.

A Brief History

Founded in 2011, Flatland Harmony Experiment is an Indiana band through and through. The year of their founding also saw them release their first EP, Eleventh Hour. This, along with two LP’s released in 2012 and 2013 as well as dozens of live performances, got them a spot in Telluride’s 40th Annual Bluegrass Festival. While they didn’t win, they did make the finals, something that would attract positive attention. Especially given the competition. More recently FHE was the featured act for a Bernie Sanders rally in Indy. Since then, FHE has amassed a global audience through radio and kept up regular live appearances in Indy and elsewhere.

Their Sound

Calling Flatland Harmony Experiment’s sound bluegrass is like calling Twin Peaks a cop show. It’s technically true, but fails to convey what they’re really like in any meaningful way. Or, put another way, FHE is bluegrass but a very different take on the genre. You have the usual percussive banjo plucking, the tinkling mandolin, and the upright bass chugging along beneath it all. But, FHE is very comfortable integrating other genres and styles into it’s sound. Too wit, if you listen, you can hear a definite Gogol Bordello influence. Of course, they keep their influences in the folk arena, but they range far and wide within that particular space. Just imagine a hoe-down abruptly transforming into a gypsy dance, and you’ll get close to what a live performance by FHE is like.

So, as always. The venue is the Mousetrap, door’s 10:00 PM.

See you there!

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