Drop Top Alibi hosts release party for “Burn” at Cherry Cola’s


After touring with Gilby Clarke (former Guns N’ Roses guitarist) for the release of their EP (which you can read more about here), young Canadian Rock n’ Rollers, Drop Top Alibi, are keeping busy. In September, they filmed their music video for the single “Burn” during one of their tour performances at Toronto’s Cherry Cola’s Rock n’ Rolla Cabaret Lounge.

The video release party brought their journey full circle, as the Cherry Cola’s venue was a key element to the “Burn” video. Cherry Cola’s is a hub for local rock artists and performers. The quirky club is known for its burlesque dancers, red velvet walls, chandeliers and their bougy red couch corner. All of these elements, including the burlesque dancers, are featured in the music video, although the video gives the venue a psychedelic twist. The video, co-produced by look. listen. feel. films had a DIY style reminiscent of the early MTV music videos. While the music video platform has largely shifted to Youtube, local artists like Drop Top Alibi successfully combine the old with the new.

Of course, DTA wouldn’t be rock n’ rollers if they didn’t put on a party, and despite the record low temperatures in Toronto (feeling like -40 degrees), they “burned” the place up, alongside local rock bands Locust Hill and Freeways.

Locust Hill has a heavy Nirvana influence with their grunge rock vibe, while the Freeways brought us back to 1970s classic rock, with some 80’s glam metal riffs and even some blues influence.

After midnight, Drop Top Alibi took to the stage, first with a screening of their video, an appropriate homage to the venue, and then performing the singles from their EP. Frontman Brandon Gregory looked like a young Robert Plant, emulating rock n’ roll mannerisms like the shaggy hair flip and the fist pump. Each song fluidly transitioned into the next, and it was clear that the band felt at home in this venue.

Speaking of home, they intended to finish their set with “Burn,” but instead performed an encore of “Home.” The music video for that single will be released February 2 at The Hideout.

You can follow Drop Top Alibi on Facebook and Instagram for more news on their upcoming music!


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