Developing better character in 2018

    Developing better character in 2018
    Developing better character in 2018

    None of us ever set out to disappoint others…well, hopefully, we don’t want to, anyway. But sometimes, even the best of intentions go awry. We don’t plan for these things. Sometimes circumstances are out of our control.

    But there are certain things we can do on our end to ensure that our word does not return void. And the reasons why are more important than we think.

    #1. Integrity.

    Our ability to keep our word shows others what we’ve got going on inside. It shows that we’ve got some grit. It shows that we care more about others than we do about ourselves. Integrity is the thing that gives us the strength to make good decisions even if they are difficult decisions.

    #2. Character.

    Character walks through the door before we do. It is not something that we can hide. If we want for selfish gain, our character will soon reveal itself. Our character will be responsible for our reputation every time. Only we are in charge of it. A faulty character shows that we are not trustworthy. A solid character shows that we can be counted on, no matter what the weather in our own lives.

    #3. Trust.

    Trust is everything. And our ability to keep our word shows that we can be trusted. It goes beyond the business transaction and straight to the heart. It’s not enough to know that we are trustworthy if the person across from us doesn’t feel it. Coming through on our word shows others that one golden trait that is much needed in the world.

    #4. Say “no” before committing.

    Scenario: A request is made of you. Although, at first thought, your genuine desire is to fulfill said request, deep down you have a slight inkling that you may not be able to come through. Say “no.”

    But why say “no” to something prematurely if you’re not even sure you won’t be able to do it?

    Because it’s much better to say, “I’m not sure I will be able to (fill-in-the-blank). And I would rather not commit to something that I may need to cancel. If I find that I am able to and (fill-in-the-blank) stills stands, I will surely let you know. But it is not something I am able to commit to at this time.”

    This response saves a lot of frustration on both ends because it goes back to the integrity. You’ve shown the person that you respect them enough not to waste his or her time. You’ve also saved a lot of stress on both ends. You won’t have to worry about causing someone else disappointment later and it will also save that person the stress of finding another way to achieve the task you were asked to help with.


    In short, our word is like our signature. It’s our calling card. Keeping our word helps us to not only be taken more seriously, but to grow in maturity.

    He who is trusted with little can be trusted with much. Let’s purpose to make 2018 a year of intention.




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