Germany indicts Syrian on charges of promoting Islamic State


BERLIN (AP) – A 37-year-old Syrian mathematician has been formally charged in Germany on allegations of promoting the Islamic State group, obtaining bomb-making instructions and other crimes, prosecutors said Tuesday.

The man, who wasn’t identified, is alleged to have posted videos on social media between July and December 2016 in which he urged support for IS and attempted to solicit new recruits for the group.

German prosecutors said they considered another post, in which the suspect praised the killing of Jordanian author Nahed Hattar , a prominent critic of IS, to constitute incitement.

Frankfurt prosecutors, who are handling the case, said police also found manuals for making rifle silencers, explosives and detonators at the man’s home and office at the Technical University of Darmstadt. The man, who came to Germany in 2005 on a Syrian government scholarship, has been in detention since February 2017.

Prosecutor Alexander Badle said while in prison the man tried to recruit a fellow inmate, who he believed to be a Muslim, to carry out a bomb attack that he claimed would be financed from Qatar. After learning the inmate was a Christian, the suspect is alleged to have threatened to kill him if he spoke to police.

Badle said the main charge, “recruitment or support for a foreign terrorist organization,” carries a penalty of up to five years.