Carrie Underwood gives an update on her injuries


When Carrie Underwood first talked about her November fall outside her Nashville home, she indicated the most significant damage was to her wrist. The singer quickly underwent surgery to repair her wrist and posted about the fall the next day.

However, we are now learning that Underwood’s injuries were far more extensive than we first realized. Along with injuring her wrist, Underwood also sustained severe injuries to her face. Doctors had to put around 40 stitches in to repair the damage, in fact.

Now, the country music singer is taking to social media and talking about her injuries. However, at this time, it does not appear that she is ready to show her face entirely. According to the singer, her fans will probably notice that she is “not quite looking the same” when they do see her again.

Underwood has been pretty quiet on social media since her accident and has had to cancel a few events while she recovers. She is now slowly starting to resurface, however. She posted a selfie on Instagram last week but had her entire face covered with a winter scarf.

A second image has surfaced of the star as well. Actress Adrienne Gang wound up working out next to Carrie a few weeks after her injury. The two snapped a picture together, which Gang later shared on Twitter.

While you can see a lot of Underwood’s face in that picture, she does appear to be carefully turning the left side of her face away from the camera. However, Gang said that she didn’t notice anything different about Underwood other than her wrist brace.

At the very least, Underwood seems to be in high spirits after her injury. We all hope that she can recover quickly and get back to singing beautiful country songs again. Currently, she does not have any upcoming concert dates to worry about, so hopefully, she has plenty of time to recoup.


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