This Ain’t Joesy and the Pussycats: BLACK CAT ATTACK at the Melody Inn

Horrorpunk Band BLACK CAT ATTACK Plays Indy’s Melody Inn January 12th

The Melody Inn’s infamous Punk Rock Night draws closer once more. And we all know what that means, brothers and sisters, don’t we? Another awesome night with the loudly disaffected and the reluctant resurrected. And the headliner for this evening is, drumroll please, BLACK CAT ATTACK! They’ll be rocking the Inn on January 12th.

Punk Rock Night showcases both local and visiting punk bands. Given that it took punk almost two decades to enter the mainstream, I’d say a little showcasing is necessary. After all, punk was hugely influential on everything that came after, so anyone with even a passing interest in music should catch a show at least once. And Punk Rock Night is just the place to do that. Okay, editorial over. Let’s learn at little about BLACK CAT ATTTACK.

A Brief History

BCA hails from the south Ontario city of Oshawa, where they formed in 2007.

Their Sound
BCA describes itself as a horror punk band. Unlike many band’s self-applied descriptions of their music, this is accurate.

But, what is horror punk, exactly? Yes, I know you probably didn’t ask, but it’s me, so sit down and enjoy the history lesson. Horror punk can be thought of as what happened when punk reabsorbed gothic rock. Which was itself a gloomy offshoot of post-punk. Basically, imagine Bauhaus teaming up with the Sex Pistols with a little rockabilly thrown in.

BCA definitely leans more towards the Sex Pistols and rockabilly side of the equation. While some horror punk bands prefer put atmosphere first, bands like BCA prefer to do things loud and nasty. Frontwoman Val does not sing her lyrics so much as chant them, in classic punk fashion. The songs are simple musically, with pounding percussion and buzzsaw guitar work. BCA also very much lives up to the “horror” in “horror punk”, featuring lyrics replete with B-movie and pulp sci-fi monster imagery. A real monster mash.

So, as always. The venue is the Melody Inn, door’s at 9:00 PM.

See you there!


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