Different Strokes: Shady Mayor at the Melody Inn

Blue Groove Band Shady Mayor Plays Indy’s Melody Inn on January 12th

Many innovative bands defy easy classification. It’s inevitable really, after all oftentimes their original approach to their music makes it difficult to stick them in any one category. The Velvet Underground faced this problem, and even now it’s difficult to describe their sound as rock and roll. Some, like the Residents, cannot be classified at all. Shady Mayor certainly falls into this first category. You are, of course, free to gainsay me on this, but only after you hear Shady Mayor for yourself. And lucky you! They are playing the Melody Inn on the 12th of this month.

 A Brief History

Shady Mayor is a band. They don’t disclose much about themselves, save a brief mention of their philosophy. Oh, that philosophy? To keep it all about the music, to keep ego out of the creative process. Commendable, if I can permit myself the editorial.

Their Sound

As I said above, their sound is hard to define accurately. On the surface it seems to be a fairly typical jazz/blues/rock mix. But a closer reveals that it’s a little less simple than at first blush. The music has a raw, improvisational feel that only vaguely fits most jazz models, save for free jazz. Even then, the sound isn’t quite free jazz either. Same for the rock and blues components. Many jazz rock outfits opt for the Steely Dan sort of sound, Shady Mayor doesn’t. Instead, they use a distinctly indie rock sound as their base, while the improvisational jazz elements weave around the corners of the song. It’s unique to say the least, if not obvious at first.

They also have a love of onstage jam sessions, but tend to keep them short and tight. Which contrasts them with a lot of jam bands.

So, as always. The venue is the Melody Inn, door’s at 9:00.

See you there!


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