Preview: 800 lb. Gorilla at The Mousetrap


Next Saturday, January 13th, rock and roll and jam band fans should stop by The Mousetrap Bar and Grill in Indianapolis for a concert featuring three local bands. 800 lb. Gorilla will be there, as well as The Trees and Unicorn Derby.

800 lb. Gorilla

800 lb. Gorilla is a native Indianapolis funk rock and groove band that formed back in 2007. According to their website, 800 lb. Gorilla was first “formed by brothers Mark (guitar) and Daniel (lead vox) Humphrey”. Later, the band added members Kwame Newton (alto sax, keyboards), Byron Boler (drums), and Connor Allen (bass).

800 lb. Gorilla blends an indie-inspired songwriting style with elements of funk, jazz, and rock. For fans of music that bends genre conventions and retains an upbeat, fun sound, you don’t need to look further than 800 lb. Gorilla. They hit all the right notes.

To find out more about 800 lb. Gorilla, you can visit their website. You can also find 800 lb. Gorilla on Facebook.

The Trees

You may have seen The Trees playing around town before. Last month, they played a show at The Melody Inn with Swingset and Shady Mayor. A few weeks later, and The Trees had moved on to The Hi-Fi, where they played with Shady Mayor once again. They’re a bit more of a jam band, which works well for them, as their songs tend to focus more on instrumental melodies and a solid groove.

The Trees consists of Dan Stempky (rhythm guitar, vocals), Riley Castellano (lead guitar), Will Bright (bass), and Luke Farrow (drums).

To learn more about The Trees, you can find them on Facebook. You can also listen to some of their songs for free on Bandcamp.

Unicorn Derby

Another local Indianapolis band, Unicorn Derby was created during the Random Band Competition, in which participants were randomly selected and formed into bands. At the end of eight weeks, the bands competed against one another. Unicorn Derby was the winner of last year’s competition.

Unicorn Derby consists of Caleb Spicer (bass), Grant McClintock (vocals, guitar), Joe O’Brien (guitar), and Kevin Hood (drums).

To find out more about Unicron Derby, you can find them on Facebook. You can also listen to their EP “Explosion of Awesome” on Bandcamp.


This one’s a concert for jam bands and alternative rock fans. If you don’t know whether or not you’ll enjoy the show, come anyway. You may just surprise yourself. The show starts at 10:00 pm on Saturday, January 13th, and there will be a cover charge of five dollars.


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