Yeh tanhai – Lata Mangeshkar – S D Burman – Nutan | Tere Ghar Ke Samne (1963)


Movie: This song appears in the movie Tere Ghar Ke Samne (In Front of Your House), a rom-com that was a major hit in India when it was initially released in 1963. The movie was produced by Dev Anand and directed by his brother late Vijay Anand under the banner of Nav Ketan Films. The movie starred Dev Anand, late Nutan, late Rajindernath, late Harindranath Chattopadhyay, late Om Prakash, etc.

Circa 1962. Location Delhi. Lala Jagannath (Om Prakash) and Seth Karam Chand (Harindranath Chattopadhyay) are 2 rich business rivals. One is modern and the other insists on tradition. They bid for a front plot in a government auction. Lala Jagannath stubbornly wants the front plot and keeps increasing the price higher in the auction. Seth Karam Chand annoys him by raising the price by a mere Rs.1000 at a time. Lala Jagannath gets the plot. But at the last moment, Seth Karam Chand quotes a ridiculous price for the back plot, leaving the people over there to think that he has lost his senses.

When he returns home, his daughter Sulekha (Nutan) points out that their bungalow would be hidden by Lala Jagannath’s. To ensure that such a thing does not happen, Seth Karam Chand and his daughter hire an architect Rakesh (Dev Anand). A few misunderstandings and a little friction later, Rakesh gets to know Sulekha and her brother Ranjit (Rajendra Nath), a military officer. Rakesh’s sidekick Madan (Rashid Khan) gets friendly with Sulekha’s friend (Parveen Chaudhary).

A few meetings later, Rakesh and Sulekha fall in love. But only Rakesh and Madan know that Rakesh is Lala Jagannath’s son. In some very hilarious scenes, Rakesh tries to keep his parents away from Sulekha’s.

In the meantime, Ranjit and Rakesh’s associate Jenny (Zarine Katrak) fall in love. Ranjit leaves for Kashmir and Rakesh makes the blueprints for the house. To make things worse, his father wants him to design their house when Seth Karam Chand has already hired him. He designs 2 different houses from them and tries to keep the design of his father’s house away from Seth Karam Chand and vice versa. The confusion begins when his father sees the design approved by Seth Karam Chand and tells Rakesh to make the house in that design.

Soon, Rakesh’s father visits his plot when Rakesh is with Seth Karam Chand. Rakesh fakes an attack to get away with Sulekha, her maid and Madan. When they reach a doctor’s place, Rakesh tells Madan and Sulekha’s maid to leave and the lead pair goes to a nearby village for lunch. Post lunch and a conversation with Sulekha in the forest, Rakesh is about to leave offended that she would not help him propose their marriage to her father. Sulekha sings this song at that time to placate him.

Song: The music of this song was S.D. Burman’s composition and the lyrics were written by Hasrat Jaipuri.

The gist of the song is, “We are alone in this place. This moment may not come again. Hold my hand.” The girl tells the man that this moment is the right time to promise a life together after marriage for them.

Video: Cinematography is by V Ratra.

The video opens with Dev Anand and Nutan conversing with each other. Dev Anand gets offended and leaves. Nutan begins to sing with an alaap and he returns. She also moves toward him. At one point, she is standing on a higher level of ground and he, at a lower level.

She offers her hand but when he tries to hold it she retracts it. She runs around with a spring in her step, as she sings. They reach a monument in ruins and she continues to sing. She approaches him, still singing.

He throws her coat, which he had taken some time back, on her and disappears. She looks around for him after taking it off her face. At some other point in time, she throws her coat on him and runs away.

He is faster and runs to catch her, immediately. Then, she hugs him and they leave the forest together. Soon, they reach the fields and the song peters out into a hum. The video ends as she asks him to place her coat on her shoulders.

Artists: Playback has been sung by Lata Mangeshkar. The onscreen performers are Dev Anand and Nutan.

Cultural Influence: There is no cultural influence on this typically filmi song. Through this song, the heroine not only confesses her love for the hero, she also tells him that she is ready to marry him. The song is very good and so are the artists. The video is watchable for them.


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