Rich Chigga changes name to Brian, drops new track


Brian, formerly known as Rich Chigga, has already had a busy 2018. He changed his name, dropped a new song and has an album coming out in February.


The name Rich Chigga was always problematic. No need to overthink it; it was a moniker chosen because it sounds like the n-word. Being an artist in a historically Black genre, it was only a matter of time before Brian had to face the facts. The key is he did so without ducking it or making a big deal of it.

He knew he was wrong and so he made things right. We all make mistakes when we are young but not everyone has the aplomb to admit mistakes, like an adult, and turn away from them. Well done.

“See Me”

Now Brian might not have made a big deal of his name change but he did capitalize on the moment. He announced “See Me” on Twitter. The very next tweet announced name change.

The song hits though it doesn’t have the thumping sound of Brian’s 2017 singles. Maybe the name change has made the rapper a little more thoughtful? At any rate he has retained his sense of humor. Best line from “See Me”: “Indonesian MC Hammer in this b***h/Beat your ass if you correct my grammar in this b***h.”


“Amen” is the name of Brian’s debut project. The album is out February 2nd. “See Me” is the second song off of the album. In December 2017 Brian dropped “Crisis” ft. 21 Savage.

So far “Amen” doesn’t have a track listing. It is, however, going to be the first big debut of 2018. Look forward to more good music from Brian in the very near future.


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