Preview: Surf Night at Square Cat Vinyl


It may be well below freezing come the night, but get ready to don those swimsuits for Surf Night at the Square Cat Vinyl in Fountain Square, Indianapolis next Friday, January 12th. Live music from surf bands Genki Genki Panic, Thee Aquaholics, and The Katatonics will set the tone for the night. All you need to do is bring yourself (and maybe an extra coat – swimsuits can get a bit chilly).

Genki Genki Panic

Genki Genki Panic is a band from Chattanooga, Tennessee who categorize themselves as ‘instrumental horror-surf’. Genki Genki Panic’s spin on the surf genre is one that soaks its sound in reverb and the macabre. Their Facebook profile reveals some of their inspiration. “Their songs bridge the gap between the 80’s surf punk of bands…classic 60’s surf instrumentals…and the metallic intensity of bands like Fantomas, Bad Brains, and Jesus Lizard”.

To find out more about Genki Genki Panic, you can visit their Facebook page.

Thee Aquaholics

Thee Aquaholics is another instrumental surf-rock band. The band is from Bloomington, Indiana and has one of the punniest names I’ve heard. They frequently play shows with The Katatonics in and around the Bloomington area. If anything, you can expect a generous dose of reverb and classic surf rock sounds.

You can find Thee Aquaholics on Facebook.

The Katatonics

Another Bloomington-based band, The Katatonics dub their sub-genre of surf ‘surfabilly’. This basically means they play surf music with a heavy influence from blues and country. The Katatonics are also an instrumental group, so don’t come if you only listen to music with vocals. The members of The Katatonics are JBoy (upright bass), Hack (guitar), Mike Morgan (guitar), and Danny (drums).

To listen to The Katatonics, you can visit their Bandcamp page. You can also find them on Facebook.


Surf Night at Square Cat Vinyl kicks off at 7:00 pm, and will last until around 10:00. A five dollar cover will get you in the door.


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