Preview: Nouveaurees at The Melody Inn


Next Wednesday, January 10th, if you’re looking for a way to celebrate the midweek hump, look no further. The Melody Inn in Indianapolis will be hosting another concert with live music. The bands to play are Nouveaurees, Milo, and Matt Thompson.


Nouveaurees are a rock and classic rock band from Indianapolis. The band consists of Brandon Stacy (drums), Colin Ellis (bass), Daniel Evan Snyder (vocals, guitar), and Wes Eberhardt (guitar). Their sound very much reminds me of The Shins, especially Snyder’s vocals. Their simple setup of two guitars, bass, and drums is effective, and perfect for what Nouveaurees seem to be going for. Most of their songs feature simple yet moving beats, and an almost country twang reminiscent of some later Beatles songs. Fans of classic rock and laid-back tunes will find a lot in Nouveaurees.

You can listen to Nouveaurees by visiting their Bandcamp page.


Milo is an alternative, pop rock band from Indianapolis that began as a collaboration between two solo artists. Drew and Kelsey McGuire are the two that started Milo. Since then, the band has grown to include James Mauck and Jeff Farber. Their music sounds to me like a strange but appealing mix between Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

To find out more about Milo, you can visit their Facebook page.

Matt Thompson

The last act appearing at The Melody Inn next Wednesday will be Matt Thompson, a solo acoustic singer, and songwriter. While he’s the last I’ll cover on this list, he’ll most likely be the first to play. It’d be hard I imagine for a quiet set to be sandwiched in the middle of two loud, four-member bands. Thompson’s music is folksy, quiet, and emotional. You can either begin on that note or end on it.


The show at The Melody Inn next Wednesday kicks off at 7:00 pm. A five dollar cover at the door will get you in.


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