Preview: Bandfest for American Suicide Prevention


This Saturday, January 6th, the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis is putting on the first annual Bandfest for American Suicide Prevention. The fest will feature a lineup of seven to eight bands for the event. All profits will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Some of the bands to perform are Collin Fiol, Glass Hands, The Day After, Sink or Swim, Riot Shield, NORMUNDY, and The Avenue.

Glass Hands

Glass Hands is the new name and face of the former Indianapolis metal band Infamous. The band is comprised of Adam Anderson (vocals), Spencer Tillman (bass, vocals), Jon Iosue (guitar), Jack Rainbolt (guitar), and Drew Johnson (drums). Glass Hands’ debut EP “Exit Letters” released in August of 2016.

To find out more about Glass Hands, you can visit their website. you can also find Glass Hands on Facebook.


NORMUNDY is a rock, rap, electronic, EDM, and alternative band from Indianapolis. With a myriad of genres that they draw on for their sound, NORMUNDY certainly makes interesting music. NORMUNDY consists of Joshua D-Day (vocals, programming), Gabriel Van Arch (rap vocals), Joel Rice (guitar), Collin Fiol (bass, vocals), and Josh Tompkins (drums). Fusing Linkin Park-esque rock and rap verses alongside upbeat, dancy beats and synth, NORMUNDY looks to break down barriers across genres.

You can listen to NORMUNDY on Bandcamp, and can find out more about them on Facebook.

Riot Shield

Riot Shield is a pop-punk rock band from Terre Haute, Indiana. The band consists of Nathan Gray (vocals, guitar), Kraig Hall (bass), Jarred Peper (guitar), and Jacob Osborn (drums).  They’re not quite pop-punk, but more nuanced and mixed with a more rock and roll sentiment.

You can find out more about Riot Shield by visiting their Facebook page. You can also listen to them on Bandcamp.

Sink Or Swim

Sink OR Swim is a heavy pop punk and another ‘easycore’ band to play at the Hoosier Dome this Saturday. Its members consist of Marc Singer (vocals), Giuliano Luongo (guitar, screams), Max Welti (guitar, screams), Ryan Bauman (bass), and Gino Andereggen (drums). Their Facebook profile says that “Sink Or Swim blends catchy melodies with heavy breakdowns and nostalgic 8bit-Synths, all wrapped up in an uplifting party vibe”. You’ll have to take it from them, or see for yourself if their claims hold up.

Collin Fiol

Collin Fiol is an actor and musician based in Indianapolis. He appeared in the 2017 film “Diary of a Sociopath”. Fiol is also the bassist and second vocalist for The Day After and NORMUNDY. While he hasn’t released a solo album or EP yet, the possibility is still there. Who knows. Maybe he’ll give more info himself during his performance.


So come to the Bandfest for American Suicide Prevention at the Hoosier Dome this Saturday, and help support a good cause. The show starts at 5:00 pm, and doors open at 4:30. Tickets are ten dollars pre-sale, and twelve at the door.


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