Dave Chappell’s latest, “Equanimity,” to debut on New Year’s Eve


This weekend marks the end of 2017. For most Americans, that means goodbye to a year that was rife with disheartening scandals, disappointing elections, and shocking celebrity deaths. While entertainment can’t cure everything people dislike about a year, a good laugh often helps.

For those Americans who choose not to leave home on New Year’s Eve, there is a reason not to – – Dave Chappelle’s new stand-up show, “Equanimity,” is set to debut on New Year’s Eve. Yes, it’s on Netflix, so technically, interested parties could go to the festivities of their choosing and watch it later, or they could turn the stand-up installment into the focus of their own at-home entertainment.

When people choose to watch is less important than that they get what the comedian is doing with his humor. This special has been hinted about and teased at since approximately Dec. 20, 2017. It more than likely annoyed more than a few subscribers when no information was forthcoming about when the show was to air, or even its title.

According to Billboard.com, Chappelle is not done taking shots at rich people and politicians who take poor, white voters for granted.

Like him or not, Chappelle is often timely and few comedians are as accurate when discussing demographics. Case in point, the episode of “The Chappelle Show” that explored the musical tastes of various racial groups. Yes, to some extent, it was hyperbolic, but it was mostly true, and that’s why those of us who watched, laughed.

For Chappelle fans, it would be nice to see him on a weekly show again, but given his comments about why he left his own show, that seems unlikely. So his deal with Netflix is what Chappelle’s audience is left with. It isn’t so terrible – – at least it is easily accessible.

Time will tell if Chappelle’s observations are still laser-sharp. Given the success of his show and his stand-up specials, the comedian’s truth-telling humor has managed to resonate for years, so that laser-sharp vision is to be expected. The next question is: Will people find the same things humorous in 2018? Probably.

One of the endearing things about Chappelle is his candor. He is honest about what he likes and doesn’t like, and as a modern-day everyman who just happens to be a comedian, audiences tend to find something they can agree with him about.


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