What “Wonder Woman” taught us in 2017



Caution! Before you read another step further be warned that this article contains spoilers of the most grievous kind. That being said, if you have already experienced this wonderful and amazing movie that is “Wonder Woman,” proceed!

1.) There may be more to you than what meets the eye. Don’t ever sell yourself short.


Although Diana’s mother attempted to keep her true identity and the power that came with it a secret, she was only delaying the inevitable. The amazing thing is that the power did not come out when she was in a state of offense…her power was revealed when she was in a position of defense. Diana smacked those gauntlets together and discovered a power that would knock the socks off of Hercules himself. A power that not even she knew lay within her.

2.) Fierce Courage

Poor, slightly misguided, yet completely and utterly handsome, Steve. Despite all of his well-intended attempts at shielding our goddess from imminent danger, he never seems to succeed. Diana is bound and determined to wipe out the face of evil and she’s not going to let anyone stop her. She has one mission and one mission only: save the world from Ares, the god of war.

What I love about her is that she has absolutely no fear. None. Zip. Zilch. She simply sees the task in front of her and goes at it without even the slightest hesitation. Oh, to have courage like that!

3.) Sometimes love must be sacrificed for the greater good.


Be honest, who didn’t shed a tear when Steve left Diana with nothing but “time” to remember him by? He had a choice. Stay with his love — or save the world. He chose the latter. Knowing that it was the right thing to do. Something that only he could do. Just as Diana knew her battle was one that only she could fight. He could have stayed and forsaken his duty for a few more moments with his love, but he knew that doing so would have put an entire world at risk.


4.) We have the power to affect the world. Move wisely.


When Diana is forced to watch Steve’s plane explode, a rage begins within her. A rage that is strong enough to release her from her shackles, but also a rage that gone unchecked is strong enough to kill those around her. Ares eggs her on as she loses her wits and proceeds to demolish everything in her sight, stopping only at the pathetic wordless plea from the eyes of Dr. Poison. Diana’s heart for the helpless kicks in at just the right moment and she remembers her cause, eventually using that same power to destroy evil…for now anyway.

5.) We can overcome any adversity.

Taking on a god would seem quite the impossible task. Especially when that god has “of war” as the title on his business card. At first, it would seem all is lost, but Diana ends up the victor. But the key is that she has to go through the battle to learn who she is.

She learns more about herself and while she is in the thick of the battle.And that ultimately is what ends up defeating her nemesis. In fact, it’s his own power directed at her, which she redirects to back to him, that ends up becoming his demise. Now if you can defeat a god all by your lonesome, what can’t you do?

6.) Initial victory does not always ensure defeat.

When Diana does away with Ludendorff, she believes her job is done. But wait…nothing happened! Why isn’t the evil stopping? Diana soon learns that evil is a bitter tree root with many branches. She may have taken down a branch, but she still has a long way to go.

Wonder Woman
Photo by Sebastian Vital, 2017, via flickr
These reasons and more are why Wonder Woman is my spirit animal. May we all enter into 2018 with as fierce a determination as our heroine.

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