There’s Always Jazz: Brenda Williams at the Jazz Kitchen

Local Chanteuse Brenda Williams Enchants Jazz Kitchen on January 5th.

There is a mystique that surrounds any woman who takes up the mantle of jazz singer. After all, it’s a fine tradition that goes back all they way to Bessie Smith and all the other Jazz Age divas. Age generally puts a glow on an art form, and jazz is no exception. Much more so the people who choose to perform it. And with that in mind, brothers and sisters, please welcome Brenda Williams! She will be performing standards from the American Songbook on January 5th at Broadripple’s very own Jazz Kitchen.

A Brief History

Brenda Williams makes her home right here in Naptown. She has been active in local theater, including the Beef and Boards dinner theater, the American Cabaret Theater, and the Indiana Repertory Theater. Even with all that going on, Williams has still found time to open for some truly impressive acts. Among them, Ray Charles, the Beach Boys, and Meryl Streep. She has also performed for no less than 3 US presidents.

Her Sound

Brenda Williams is mainly a cover artist, but she picks her material well. After all, many of the jazz standards, R&B classics, and soul favorites require a powerful voice to really shine. And Brenda Williams has just that. It’s fitting really, most of the material in those genres shares the same general origin. Namely, the mix of African and European musical traditions that resulted from the slave trade. The history goes back centuries, but as far as most musical historians are concerned it doesn’t crystalize until the appearance of jazz in the 1890s and blues in the 1900s. Williams singing style suits the tradition well, with her phrasing and technique incorporating some of the improvisational elements so identified with jazz and blues.

So, as always. The venue is the Jazz Kitchen, Door’s at 5:00 PM with an encore at 8:00.

See you there!


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